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     Morotech is an information technology serving clients in the Chicago area since 2004. Our team of IT professionals have years of experience in computer repair, network installations and troubleshooting, web design and development, search engine optimization and web marketing.

     We are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality IT Solutions including web and graphic design, E-Commerce solutions,' web marketing and computer repair at affordable prices. Below are somenof our current customers' testimonials. We are pleased to share some of them with you and hope we can add you too to our long list of satisfied customers.

PC Repair Testimonials

"Life savers and didn't rip me off either - I promised that the first thing I would do when I opened my now repaired laptop would be to review Computer Repairs so here goes. I am at a conference in Chicago from the UK - on day 2 of 6 my CPU fan blew. I went to Best Buys and they said it would take 4-6 weeks to send out to be fixed and that it would cost as much as getting a new laptop. Presumably that is their sales pitch. I was quite happy with my broken laptop (other than that it was broken) and didn't want the hassle of transferring everything over - including all the programs (I couldn't remember which programs I had anyway). I got a cab down to 711 Belmont dropped off the computer and picked it up within 48 hours fixed. The cost was nowhere near that of a new computer - the staff were brilliant - friendly, offered to bring the laptop back to me, and when I asked them to clean the inside they didn't try and rip me off by charging me for it - they were honest enough to say that they would be doing that anyway. I can't fault this service - am I related you may ask? Simple answer is no - just desperate to get my laptop back when I really needed it. And, by the way - I hardly ever write reviews so may this be a further indication of how impressed I was"

Jon, from the UK. Google on Jun 4, 2011

"I brought my mac for repair but the store was already closed. I called the number on the door and someone answered. He said we are closed now and that I just missed the tech by 15 minutes. But if you are already standing by the door I will come there back myself and help you. It turned out the guy was about an hour away helping another customer so he sent another tech who lives close by. He replaced my screen while I waited and i took my computer back with me that same moment. I am really indebted to them for going the extra mile to help me out. I needed to finish my paper which was due the next day and I can not thank them enough. They really made a customer for life out of me"

Greg M. Elmhurst - Google - Oct 14, 2011

Just a quick and reliable computer repair service. I bought a used laptop from them at a good price and it worked great.I had questions after I bought it and they answered them without any problems.
Karima L. - Chicago, IL

My hard drive crashed I almost had a heart attack. I was worried sick for my extremely important business data. The tech asked a few questions. He then assured me that there is a big chance they can recover the data and thank God they did. The data was recovered and transfered to my new hard drive. After reloading my quickbooks and my calendar program where I have my appointments for the rest of the year ah! I was able to see everything just like it was before. I learned my lesson and I am now backing up my data to an external hard drive which I bought from them. Thank you Morotech.
Diane - Chicago, IL

I am happy that I got my data back. I am happier to have googled and found Morotech. This is a small business with the most hospitable group of technician any customer wishes for. Greatest turn around. Very reasonably priced, I recovered my data with an estimated quote of 99-199 for logical recovery. Surprisingly, I was charged 99 instead of full price. All I had to do was to go to Target across the street and hang out for 2 hours.
Tenzin - Skokie IL, 60076

Decent service and a decent price. I will use them again no doubt.
Lucia - Niles IL, 60714
Over all, very good pc repair service. I took my computer for an LCD screen replacement in their Chicago location and they did it right away. I told them my brother needed some work done with his computer too but he was out of town and that I will send him as soon as his back. My brother went there and Al took $20 off from repairing my brother's Laptop DC Jack as a sign of appreciation for the business we gave them. He also called to thank me for sending my brother their way.
Marty M. - Chicago IL, 60616

I would like to thank them and recommend their computer repair service. Awesome service at a very decent rate. I own a fast food store in Lincoln Park and I called them due to our POS being down. They sent a technician right away and took care of the problem immediately. I called to see when the technician will show up and the person who answered the phone told me, the tech is already in the store looking at the computer. The fix was done right and we have not had any issues for 24 hours now. Highly Recommended.
Joe - Chicago IL, 60605

Morotech is a lifesaver!! They came picked up my laptop from the conference room where I was going to present the next day. They fixed the laptop and brought it back to me at my hotel room. I was so relieved when they brought it to me and the tech checked everything with me before he left. I was ready for my presentation the next day. I highly respect them for their knowledge, expertise and quick response.
Martina - Chicago IL, 60625

The computer tech at the 711 W. Belmont location was extremely nice. He greeted me with a smile, took the computer from me and asked me to fill out a form. He then invited me to have a drink while I was filling out the form. He told me I would get a call from him or another tech to explain to me what s going on and what the cost is going to be. It turned out I had tons of spyware and a nasty virus which disabled my wireless and rendered my laptop almost inoperable. He told me what the cost was and I agreed to it so he had me come in the next day and pick up my laptop. It was as fast as it can get. I am happy with the service and would use them again if I find myself in a similar situation.
Ryan - Chicago IL, 60634

I went to their 711 W Belmont store for an LCD screen repair. Even though they did not have the right screen for my laptop (not a very common model), they were able to locate one the next day and overnight it with my permission of course since I had to pay for the shipping. As soon as it came in one of the techs called me and said" your laptop will be ready in a hour" Of course I could not be there in an hour because I was still at work but I did pick it up on my way home and it looked even better than the first time I bought it. The new screen and my computer has never been cleaner since the first time I bought it. I am  not sure what they used by my laptop was shiny. Almost looked like it was brand new.
Jason F. - Chicago IL, 60657

I love the Morotech computer technicians! They were the only company to get all my data back after the hard drive on my work computer stopped working after a fall. The problem was mechanical and it is a miracle they got the data back. If I lost all that data, months of my hard work would have been gone and I would have been fired no doubt. They literally saved my job. I paid a little over $1000 but it was well worth it! Just think of the alternatives? I am extremely indebted to them for helping me out. I have learned my lesson and everything I do now is backed up every single day.
Gada M. - Skokie IL, 60077

I spilled water over my 5 month old laptop and I could not turn it on. I tried every trick I knew of and my friends told me and nothing would work.I took it to Morotech and they fixed in 2 days. It ran just like it did before the issue happened. Not sure how they did it but I am impressed.
James J. - Evanston IL, 60102

Excellent pc repair service in Chicago, reasonable price, nice people. I would definitely use them again.
Al gave me a $20 off labor coupon to be used on the same computer repair visit.
Salas W. - Chicago IL, 60657

Walking my dog by the Belmont location and I stopped to ask a question about my Sony Vaio. The tech was very friendly and explained everything to me in detail. I went home brought the laptop. He looked at it and told me what the price is for restoring Windows Vista and backing up all my data. I agreed to the cost and came back a couple days later to pick it up.
Bobby M. - Chicago IL, 60657

I worked with Al who was very friendly and helpful. He walked me through everything he was doing, explained to me what needed to be repaired and even went above and beyond by cleaning my laptop when he was finished. I wish the virus removal was a little bit cheaper but I know I was in good hands and it was worth it. I recommend Computer Labs. it worked amazingly well. Just like when I first got it.
Tiffany R. - Chicago IL, 60657

My hard drive crashed and I tried to reinstall windows on it but it kept failing. I formatted the hard drive by trying to reinstall windows and all the data was gone. I took it to Morotech and Al helped fix the problem. It was a bad hard drive so he swapped the hard drive. He then recovered data from the old hard drive and put it on the new one. I am very appreciated of all the help I got from him.
Mo Sukhera - Des Plaines IL 60016

Web Design Testimonials

Great service at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to get a share of the online business.
Greg Murray. GM Transportion Elmhurst, IL

Morotech did my website. They did a wonderful job and I am very greatful for all the help they have given me so far. They are professionals and they have some great prices.
Kathy H. Concierge For You Ltd, Chicago area